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Hiking Adkins Creek Canyon

Adkins Creek Hike

The Upper Buffalo Wilderness area in Arkansas is a remote and untouched region that offers spectacular natural beauty for those who are willing to explore it. Among the many great areas in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness is Adkins Creek, which features a couple of stunning waterfalls. While this hike is not recommended for beginners, experienced…Read more

Punchbowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls

Some of our readers that have been following our adventures for a while may remember that in November of 2021, we tried to reach Punchbowl Falls, a.k.a. Dry Creek Falls, on a camping trip to the Richland Creek Wilderness area of the Ozark National Forest near Witt Springs, AR. On that trip, we missed a…Read more

Sandstone Castle Hiking

Sandstone Castle 3

The Sandstone Castle is a popular sandstone rock formation located in the Richland Creek Wilderness area of the Ozark National Forest. The parking area for the trail is located at the following GPS coordinates: N 35° 50.511″ W 92° 59.069″. Scroll down to download the .gpx file to load into your handheld GPS unit. You…Read more

Buzzards Roost Hiking Trail

buzzards roost hiking trail

The Buzzards Roost hiking trail and scenic area is located in the Ozark National Forest in Newton County, Arkansas. The trail is basically an old ATV road and is fairly flat. Continue reading to find out the location of this trail and some of the highlights of the scenic wonders you can see there. How…Read more

Big Creek Cave Falls

Big Creek Cave Falls

Big Creek Cave Falls is located in Newton County, Arkansas. It is one of many gorgeous places to hike in the Ozark National Forest. There is plenty to see on this trail, and many photogenic scenes to capture. Come along as we hike the trail and show you some of the sights in pictures. To…Read more

Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls from below

*Update 2022 Paradise Falls has been one of the places we wanted to get back to all winter. In early April of 2022, the weather cooperated and we had several inches of rain over a week, then it broke cool and clear for the day we planned to hike. On our hike in 2021, we…Read more

Six Finger Falls

six finger falls

Six Finger Falls is another of the many waterfalls that can be visited in the Ozark National Forest. This part of the National Forest, near Witt Springs, AR has thousands of acres of wilderness. It is also the perfect terrain for waterfalls. Six Finger Falls is one of 36 waterfalls listed on the brochure I…Read more

Barkshed Recreation Area

Barshed recreation area campsite

This weekend we went to a camping area we haven’t visited before. I wanted to review it for you and let you know my thoughts on Barkshed Recreation Area in the Ozark National Forest. Barkshed Recreation Area is probably pretty busy during the summer, judging from the traffic we saw on a Friday and Saturday…Read more