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Hideout Hollow Waterfall Hike

Tucked away near the quaint town of Compton, Arkansas, lies the trail to Hideout Hollow, a captivating destination that promises an escape into the heart of nature’s unspoiled beauty. This relatively short hike, spanning just 0.9 miles, is a journey through the lush landscapes of the Ozarks, culminating in the breathtaking sight of a waterfall…Read more

Cub Hollow – Waterfall Hiking

Nestled in the heart of the Ozark National Forest, Cub Hollow emerges as a hidden gem off the beaten path, located just off Highway 7 near Cowell, Arkansas. This enchanting area, known for its polyfos (phosphorescent) qualities, offers a unique natural spectacle that captivates the imagination of all who visit. Surrounded by the rugged beauty…Read more

Hamilton Falls Hike

Hamilton Falls is a 12 foot tall waterfall located about 1/2 mile upstream from the more well known Twin Falls. These waterfalls are located in the Richland Creek Wilderness area of the Ozark National Forest. Watch the video above or read on to learn about this moderately difficult bushwhack hike. Hamilton Falls Parking GPS Coordinates…Read more

Freeze-Dried Meals for Backpacking: A Complete Guide

Freeze-Dried Meals for Backpacking are revolutionizing the way backpackers eat on the trail. Offering a perfect blend of convenience, nutrition, and lightness, these meals have become essential for outdoor enthusiasts. This article delves into the world of freeze-dried foods, examining their benefits, variety, and preparation methods. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a novice, understanding…Read more

North Sylamore Creek Trail

North Sylamore Creek Trail – Barkshed to Gunner Pool Introduction Nestled in the heart of the Ozark National Forest, the North Sylamore Creek Trail offers hikers a picturesque journey through the enchanting wilderness of Arkansas. At 4.1 miles, this trail follows the meandering course of North Sylamore Creek, providing nature enthusiasts with a perfect blend…Read more

Survival Skills

Are you prepared to face the wild and conquer the unexpected? Survival skills are your secret weapon for navigating the great outdoors with confidence and resourcefulness. Whether you’re planning an adventurous hike, a camping trip, or simply want to be more self-reliant, mastering essential survival skills is a must. In this article, we’ll dive into…Read more

Ozark Hiking Trail List

Welcome to our Ozark Hiking Trail list. Nestled in the heart of America, the Ozark Mountains boast a mesmerizing landscape of rugged terrain, lush forests, and crystal-clear streams. If you’re an avid hiker or simply looking to escape into nature’s embrace, the Ozarks offer a treasure trove of hiking experiences that will leave you awe-inspired….Read more