Native American Falls – Pelsor, AR

Native American Falls is a beautiful cascade waterfall located very close to Pelsor, AR. There is a small parking area next to AR Highway 7 on the west side of the highway. Keep reading to find out all about this short hike to one of the more intriguing waterfalls on our list. It is also probably one of the shortest hikes.

Native American Falls


Coordinates – N 35.716188 W 93.098732

There is a small area to park along the west side of AR Highway 7 just south of Pelsor, AR. If you are coming from the north continue about a quarter mile past the junction of Highways 7 & 16 at Pelsor. If you are coming up from the south look for the small parking on the left side of the highway just before you reach Pelsor. There isn’t any signage here so use the GPS coordinates to double check your location.

The Trail to Native American Falls

Just behind the parking area you will see a fairly well worn trail that leads into the woods. After a short distance the trail will begin descending downhill. The trail is well marked with ribbons of several different colors on bushes and tree limbs so it is pretty easy to stay on the trail. The trail descends approximately 300′ over less than a half mile, so it is a little steep in places.

Once you reach the creek the trail crosses over and follows the creek downstream on fairly level ground. There are several creek feeding into the main creek from the hillsides along the opposite side of the creek from the trail.

When we visited in early February of 2024 there we numerous trees down over the trail. They were fairly easy to go through or around, so it didn’t make the trail really any more difficult.

After a short distance along the trail you will reach the top of Native American Falls. The rocks along the top of the falls can be slick, so caution is required.

Waterfall Coordinates – N 35.713470 W 93.105210

Hiking Below The Falls

Once you explore around the top of the falls you can hike along the bluff to find your way below the falls. This section was a little more of a challenge. We worked our way along the bluff until we found a break where we could scramble down to the creek.

As we came back out we found that it appears you can make your way around the bluff and then go down to the creek in the same area we scrambled down. It seems we always find the hard way to get down below these waterfalls.

If you want to see our hike all the way down below the waterfall you can watch my video below.

Native American Falls is one of the more easily accessible waterfalls in this area south of Jasper, AR. The trail is easy to follow and the payoff is a lovely cascade waterfall that looks amazing when the water is flowing. Try and time your visit after a good rain in the area for the best views.

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Native American Falls