Underwater video

Bull Shoals Lake Underwater

I went out on the lake on 7-7-20 and shot some video in a few places around the Bull Shoals Lake near Diamond City, AR. The lake has been over 30 feet above full pool since early spring. The flooded timber is great cover for the fish in the lake. At full pool, there isn’t nearly as much cover underwater as there is right now. Hopefully, the high water allowed the spawn to be better this year. That would be great news for the fish population in the lake.

Looking at Bull Shoals Lake underwater shows a world that few of us ever get to see and experience. The advent of inexpensive sport cameras has opened a new world for observing how the life underwater behaves. It is an eye-opening experience to place these cameras underwater and then be able to go back and review the footage we capture.

This video of Bull Shoals Lake underwater shows fish and structure beneath the waves that are normally not visible due to reflections off the surface. The sun tends to limit our ability to see what is happening beneath the waves. With these very inexpensive cameras you can open up that world and see for yourself what actually lies beneath.

Check out an earlier video we did showing some boating and snorkeling on Bull Shoals Lake at this link: https://youtu.be/6ETGOsKPAPQ

You can read the entire article here: https://lostintheozarks.com/bull-shoals-lake

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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