Fall foliage

Fall Foliage In The Ozarks Updates 2019

I wanted to create a page showing the changing Fall foliage colors as we move through the Fall season. I will be updating this page with videos as we move through the season.

This year we had a dry spell at the end of the summer and a lot of leaves fell from the trees. Unless we get plenty of rain in the next few weeks I fear the colors may not be quite as spectacular as they normally are.

At any rate, we’ll keep you updated with photos or video updates as the season progresses. This may help you plan when you would like to take a drive through the mountains to see the best colors.

To watch more of our videos please visit our YouTube channel.

11/16/19 Fall Foliage Video Update

This will be our last update for the 2019 Fall season. As the video shows, the cold temperatures and high winds from earlier in the week have caused most of the trees to drop their leaves. If you missed the colors in the Ozarks this year you can watch the previous videos to see the colors progress through the season.

11/11/19 Video Update

The Fall colors are in full swing in the Ozarks. A few days ago I was able to get out early and capture the colors in the forest as well as the fog still hanging over Bull Shoals Lake. Watch the update below.

10/31/19 Video Update

After the last few days of cooler weather and last night with temperatures below freezing the colors should come on rather quickly. We shot some video a few days ago using the drone, and you can definitely see more colors in the trees now.

10/25/19 Video Update

Today was a dreary day but the rain let up long enough for me to fly the drone and get some video. As you’ll see in the video the trees are starting to change. It’s interesting how in some spots all the trees are still green and in others that colors are beginning to show. Enjoy this short video.

10/25/19 Update

10/18/2019 Fall Foliage Video Update

The video below shows that as of today the leaves are just now beginning to change colors. There is still mostly greens in the forest, but a few yellows are beginning to show through.

10/18/19 Update

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