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Woods Boys Falls-Ozark National Forest

Woods Boys Falls is only a short distance from Magnolia Falls. Woods Boys Falls lies within the Ozark National Forest near Deer, AR. You can see the top of the falls from the bottom of Magnolia Falls. There are two other falls you can visit in the same area easily. These falls are Magnolia Falls and Hadlock Cascade. From the parking area on Newton County Road 6, the trail is on the right. There is a Wilderness Trail sign on the left side of the road. This is where you can park. The trail slopes down gently as you pass a rock wall built by early settlers. There are also many natural rock formations to see as you walk the trail. You will come to a small stream and just across the stream are two yellow trail markers that have been nailed to the trees. To visit the Woods Boys Falls, take the right fork down and around the bluff line. Where the bluff line ends, turn right and follow the trail along the bluff line to get to the bottoms of Woods Boys Falls and Hadlock Cascade.

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GPS Track

Magnolia Falls GPS Track

Elevation Data

Magnolia Falls Elevation Plot

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VJ77+2Q Deer, Arkansas

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