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Storm Chase 8/27/19

Storm Chase 8/27/19-While looking at the radar last night it was apparent that a line of strong storms would be moving into my area a little after midnight from the northwest. As many of you know I have been fascinated by thunderstorms for many years now. This was another chance to observe a strong thunderstorm and hopefully get some good lightning photos in the process.

Earlier in the day William Mattison and I had gone hiking in to see Pedestal Rocks and Kings Bluff in the park on Highway 16 near Pelsor. During the hike, we received a text from a friend back home that a strong thunderstorm was bringing 60 mph winds and quarter-sized hail. We found a spot with enough cell service to download the weather and noted that the storm was headed right for where we were.

Since that wasn’t the type of weather you want to get caught outside in we decided it would be prudent to head back to the car. When we got back to the car the sun was still shining but there were menacing clouds on the horizon. As we started the drive home the storm got closer and we began to see a lot of lightning. We were headed right into the storm.

As we drove it became apparent that we were somehow going to miss the worst part of the storm. We only encountered light to moderate rain on the drive back through Jasper and into Harrison. However, when we reached Harrison there were many limbs down in the road and lots of leaves scattered all around. This was a testament to the power of the storm we somehow avoided.

Fast forward to around 9 pm and I am looking at doppler radar. A strong line of storms is approaching from the northwest. It is forecast to be seen from our area around midnight. I have a spot I go to view storms that are north and west of us just a few miles from where I live. It is on a high ridge where you can see clearly storms that are near Branson and sometimes as far as Springfield.

I got a few hours’ sleep and then headed to my viewing spot a little after midnight. This line of storms didn’t disappoint. Lightning was flashing constantly. It was an amazing sight to witness the power of mother nature. Although much of the lightning was rain-wrapped or behind low clouds I did manage to get some nice shots.

As the storm approached and lightning started striking within 10 miles I was forced to move into cover inside my vehicle. I still managed to set up the camera and got some shots from there. Unfortunately, the only safe place to park had power lines running through the view. But it was the best I could do and the show was too good to leave.

Once the storm line moved to the northeast I changed positions and moved back to the lake where I have a clear view of the north and east over Bull Shoals Lake. I managed to get a few more shots from that position.

You can view the shots in the gallery below. Click on the image to see a larger version. Let me know what you think in the comments section. Please also feel free to share any photos you got from the storms last night in the comments section as well.

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