Storm Chase Update 3-29-20

Storm Chase Update 3-29-20-Nothing much happened on the storm chasing front this week until Saturday, March 28. I got out early to try and intercept a line of thunderstorms that were moving into our area out of Oklahoma.

I set up on a high area near Cotter, Arkansas. This is a short distance from Mountain Home, AR. The line of storms was mostly producing lightning from stronger embedded thunderstorms in the line.

As happens many times in storm chasing I was watching a storm that weakened as it got closer to me. As the rain began to fall I headed back to get fuel and watch the radar for any indications of storms I could get in front of to get some lightning photos.

Unfortunately, later in the evening, a tornado from a supercell touched down near Aragon, AR causing damage. Later this same supercell moved into Jonesboro, AR and spawned a large and dangerous tornado. It caused severe damage and injured 6 people at the last report.

The Weather Channel has video of the tornado and some on the ground reports at this link:

Our thoughts are with the people of Jonesboro as they begin the task of cleanup today.

Below is a Facebook Live video I did as I set up to monitor the storms.

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