Fog on the lake

Storm Chase Update 3-20-20

Fog On Hills
Fog on the Hillside

This past week we had almost 6 inches of rain on Bull Shoals Lake. We did have a line of thunderstorms that moved through the area and produced a small tornado last night.

The video above shows the danger you can face when we get a large amount of rain in a short period. This stream is normally a trickle compared to all the water flowing through it now. There are many low water crossings in the area that can be dangerous when there is high water.

When you watch the video above you can see how much water is flowing into the lake from only one stream. Multiply this by the many larger and smaller streams all around the lake and you can expect the water level to rise.

Fortunately, the thunderstorms we experienced in the last week have not been severe on a widespread basis. There have been locally severe storms that have tracked close to us, but nothing that would warrant a chase yet.

Even if a thunderstorm is not producing impressive lightning or tornadoes they are still amazing to watch. Below are some photos I got of the hills near Bull Shoals Lake as cool air moved in while the bulk of the thunderstorm approached and passed well to the south of us.

storm chase low clouds
Fog on the lake
after sunset

Click on any of the above photos to see a larger image.

We appreciate all your support and as long as our fans continue to support us we will keep going out to chase these storms and bring you the amazing sights we see.

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