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Storm Chase 4-12-20

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Storm Chase 4-12-20-Easter Sunday began with light rain then just became grey and dreary. It was the calm before what was to come later in the afternoon. Storms were forecast to move into our area later in the evening.

I spent most of the day watching a line of storms moving from Oklahoma into Arkansas. I could see that the line of storms was heading for us. From the purple color on the radar, I knew that some of these cells might contain hail.

I watched as the storms rolled closer and finally it was time to head out to set up my camera. I wanted to shoot the time-lapse video above showing the storm front rolling in over the hills. I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next.

As the storms moved closer I was watching one particularly powerful cell that looked as if it would pass just to the northwest of me and continue to the northeast. This provided the location for where I needed to set up the cameras.

I had a hint of what might happen from watching a developing storm out ahead of the main storm front turn back toward the front. I just didn’t consider what that meant at the time.

I set up my camera to shoot the video and then I set up my lightning camera and I waited. I was watching the radar for updates constantly when something caught my eye. The storm I thought was passing harmlessly to the northeast had changed directions and was headed directly toward my position. I left the cameras shooting until the rain became too hard to keep the lenses clear.

If you watch the video of the storm to the end you can actually see the storm change direction. The clouds were generally moving to the northeast when the low-level clouds change direction and move in from the north. In the background, you can see the wall cloud moving closer from the west.

This storm was mild compared to some in surrounding states. Our thoughts go out to all those who are affected by the damage done by these storms.

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