ruth paul henning

Ruth And Paul Henning Conservation Area-North

The Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area is a 1534 acre conservation park on the west side of Branson. The White River Balds natural area is also a part of this conservation area. The balds are sparse areas within the forests on the peaks of hilltops. In the post-civil war time, vigilante groups would hold meetings in these areas. This is how they became known as Baldknobbers. For more information, you can visit the Missouri Department of Conservation.

You can visit this page for other outdoor attractions in Branson. The page lists many more attractions you can visit and which won’t cost you anything to visit and explore. Branson is famous for the many shows you can see, but there are many beautiful places outdoors to explore and experience the amazing beauty of the Ozarks.

360° photos of the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area.

Use Your Mouse or Move Your Phone to Look Around.

On the map above click on “View Larger Map” to go to Google Maps. Then copy & paste the code below into Google Maps to view the location. Use the satellite view for the best overview.


MPM7+93 Branson, Missouri

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