City Rock Bluff

360° Photo of City Rock Bluff-Use Your Mouse or Move Your Phone

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City Rock Bluff is near Calico Rock, AR. It is a sheer bluff along the White River. Calico Rock is known for the calico-colored rock bluffs that rise majestically above the White River. You drive right by the road to City Rock Bluff as you travel down Highway 5. Most people probably drive by and never even know how easy it is to get to this stunning view high above the White River.

The overlook is absolutely stunning and is really easy to get to. It is only a short walk from the parking area to the bluff. Be careful, especially with young children. There are no safety rails at the location, to protect the natural beauty.

This area is in the Ozark National Forest. There are many more amazing sights of the Ozarks in The Ozark National Forest. Calico Rock also features a ghost town within the city. You can tour the ghost town right off the main street. It is an easy walking tour. Just be aware that some of the buildings are on private property, so please respect the historic buildings in the area.

If you enjoy hiking you may want to consider a few places nearby to see while you are in the area. Barkshed Recreation Area is nearby and is located within the Ozark National Forest.