Bull Shoals Overlook

Bull Shoals Marina Overlook

Bull Shoals Marina Overlook is a small roadside park within the city of Bull Shoals. You can stop and rest on a bench while you look out at the lake and marina. There is also a covered area with a grill for a quick roadside picnic too.

The overlook is located on highway 178 as you are coming into Bull Shoals from Flippin, AR. For camping next to the lake you should check out Bull Shoals Dam Site Park. Be sure and visit the Bull Shoals-White River State Park while you are there too.

Bull Shoals has restaurants, a grocery store, and attractions for the family. These include trout fishing on the famous White River, Bull Shoals Dam, and other amazing outdoor sights to visit.

360 Photo of Bull Shoals Marina Overlook.

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9CH3+MM Bull Shoals, Arkansas

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