Asiatic Dayflower 1

The Asiatic dayflower is the common name that has been used for several species of flowers in the Commelina genus. They are called dayflowers due to the fact that individual flowers only bloom for one day. If you see a flower in the morning, it may be gone if you come back in the evening. However, they will bloom beginning in early spring and throughout the summer, and even into early fall when the weather remains warm.

Asiatic Dayflower 1


The blooms of the dayflower resemble tiny irises. The Asiatic dayflower has 2 petals that are blue to purple in color, with a third petal extending downward that is white. Other species may have all three petals that are blue.

The leaves are lance-like and may be up to 4 inches long with smooth edges. The leaves can sometimes be hairy, with hair being more prominent where the leaves attach to the stem.

Asiatic Dayflower is Edible

The flowers, stems, and leaves are all edible parts of this plant. They are said to taste similar to peas. The stem can become fibrous and tough as it grows. I read a simple technique to find the tender parts of the stems. You can bend the stem at a lower point and if it doesn’t snap off, the stem will be tough. Just keep bending up the stem until you reach the newer growth which should snap off. The stem above that point should be tender. Only harvest the leaves below where you snap off the stem to avoid the tough parts.

The edible portions of the plant can be used raw, or cook them as you would other greens. They can add filler to soups, or can be used in oriental dishes when cooking. The flowers and leaves can be added raw to salads or sandwiches. The flowers are especially colorful when added to a salad. They can also be stored by parboiling and freezing for later use.

They grow prolifically and are considered a weed, so you can harvest as much as you like. They are quite common, so over-harvesting isn’t an issue. Just be sure and leave some so they continue to grow and you will have a supply for the future.

Asiatic Dayflower Medicinal Uses

Asiatic dayflower has been used as a diuretic, blood purifier, and anti-inflammatory. It can be made into a tea that is useful for sore throats, tonsillitis, diarrhea, and fever. Several constituents present in the plant have been isolated and show antibacterial properties.


Asiatic dayflower is common and useful both as food and for use medicinally. It is a common wild edible that can be useful to know both for use at home, or in an emergency. If you would like to find out more about other wild edibles be sure and visit our list of articles on living naturally.

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