September 28, 2022
lavender essential oil

When we look at all the Lavender essential oil benefits we have to acknowledge that it is one of the most popular of all the essential oils.

As we look more at the benefits of Lavender essential oil it becomes clear why. Lavender was used as far back as the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations for medicinal and grooming purposes.

The Egyptians used Lavender in mummification, as a perfume, and for other purposes. The plant gets its name from the Latin word “lavere”, which means “to wash”. The Romans used lavender flowers in the famous Roman Baths, as well as to scent their beds and homes, and as a scent for the body and hair.

It is debated when the first stills were used to distill essential oils from plants. But until 1910 essential oils were used exclusively in the perfume industry of the day. That all began to change when a French perfumer and chemist named René-Maurice Gattefossé suffered a burn on his arm during a fire at his family’s perfume factory.

The story goes that the closest cool liquid was a vat of lavender essential oil. Gattefosse’ plunged his arm into the vat of oil. He noticed immediate relief from the pain. Later he found that the application of the lavender essential oil greatly helped with the healing of the wound and prevented the arm from scarring.

He is credited for coining the phrase aromatherapie and the study of the aromatic use of essential oils was born. We know it today as aromatherapy.

Today we know that lavender essential oil benefits for health and wellness are many. Scientific studies have been done with lavender essential oil more than with any other essential oil. The results have been positive and some would say amazing.

So let’s examine some of the benefits of Lavender essential oil.

For The Skin

Lavender essential oil is rich in antioxidants. These substances are good for your skin and help prevent cell damage caused by oxygen-free radicals. It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions.

You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a tablespoon of light carrier oil such as sunflower or sweet almond oil and apply directly to pimples. The lavender essential oil also contains antimicrobial properties which kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Do the same thing for treating psoriasis or eczema by simply applying the mixture directly to the area. The soothing properties can also help relieve the itch.

Apply a drop of lavender essential oil directly to bug bites or stings. The soothing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties will relieve itching, pain, and swelling in the area.

Lavender essential oil benefits include those for healing wounds as well. As stated above, the oil has wonderful healing and soothing properties when applied to burns. It is also helpful for healing cuts and scrapes too.

A study published in 2016 looked at the wound-healing properties of the application of lavender essential oil to skin wounds in rats. The results showed that the production of granulation cells and collagen increased and that wound size shrank more in the wounds treated with lavender oil versus a control solution. The authors concluded that lavender essential oil may have the possibility of a new approach to complementary wound healing therapy.

Since lavender essential oil has benefits for burns it stands to reason that it would be useful for sunburn as well. It turns out that is true. You can create a soothing sunburn treatment by using lavender essential oil.

In a massage oil bottle mix, 1/4 cup aloe gel and 2 Tbsp distilled water. Mix 2 Tbsp of carrier oil such as Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut Oil with 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Add this to the aloe gel and mix well. Apply to the sunburn twice or up to three times a day for soothing relief.

For The Hair

Lavender essential oil has been shown to promote hair growth by stimulating circulation to the hair follicles promoting hair growth.

Add a few drops to your favorite shampoo. You can use lavender and rosemary essential oils which are both known to help condition the scalp and help hair growth.

A study in 2008 from Scotland used Emu oil and a combination of oils, including lavender essential oil, and found that it stimulated hair growth in subjects with hair loss.

You can relieve dandruff by adding lavender essential oil to a carrier oil and massaging it into your scalp. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then shampoo your hair as you normally would. The antibacterial and soothing properties of the lavender oil along with the moisturizing properties of the carrier oil will help relieve dryness and flaking in your scalp.

For Pain

The analgesic properties of lavender essential oil make it a great choice for many types of pain. From joint pain and muscle pain to headaches, lavender oil can offer relief.

Adding lavender essential oil to a carrier oil and massaging it into the affected area around joints or muscles can provide relief from pain. The anti-inflammatory properties are also helpful when inflammation is involved, such as with arthritis or injury and bruising.

You can also use lavender essential oil to help relieve the pain from headaches. A study published in 2012 found that “The present study suggests that inhalation of lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe treatment modality in the acute management of migraine headaches”. The study found that 92 out of 127 responded fully or partially to inhaling lavender essential oil. The response was statistically significant over the placebo group.

You can also place a few drops of lavender essential oil in a Tbsp of carrier oil and massage into the temple area, and massage into the back of the neck to relieve headache pain.

Lavender For Sleep

Lavender has been shown in several studies to calm, relax and promote sleep. One study published in 1996 showed that lavender oil had a positive effect on the sleep quality of the elderly in a controlled study. Another published in 2017 showed improved sleep quality and reduced fatigue in dialysis patients.

Lavender has been shown in several studies to calm, relax and promote sleep. One study published in 1996 showed that lavender oil had a positive effect on the sleep quality of the elderly in a controlled study. Another published in 2017 showed improved sleep quality and reduced fatigue in dialysis patients.

You can also place a few drops in a bath and relax in the bath prior to going to bed.

I can personally attest that I was having awful insomnia until a few months ago when I started diffusing lavender essential oil at bedtime. Now I fall asleep within a few minutes on most nights and I sleep through the night.

For Stress

Another lavender essential oil benefit is in the relief of stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil has chemical constituents which work to relax the body and calm the mind.

Nothing is better than adding a few drops of lavender to a diffuser and breathing in the relaxing aroma after a long stressful day.

For immediate stress relief, you can simply open a bottle and inhale the aroma of the lavender oil directly from the bottle. Keep a bottle at your desk at work for when you need it. Or you can carry an aromatherapy inhaler with you and use it as needed. The inhaler has a wick that you add a few drops of oil to and then carry it in your purse or pocket.

As An Insect Repellent

Lavender essential oil can be used as an insect repellent in place of those insect repellents you buy from the store that are full of chemicals. Simply add distilled water to a spray bottle then mix 20 drops of lavender oil with 2 Tbsp rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. Mix with the water and shake well. The alcohol or witch hazel acts as an emulsifying agent to help the lavender oil disperse in the water better. Just shake well and spray it on to keep biting insects away.

If you do get bitten you can apply lavender essential oil to the mosquito bite to relieve the itching. Mix with a carrier oil or you can apply neat if you don’t have sensitive skin.

Cleaning Solutions

Since lavender essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties you can use it in many DIY natural cleaners for your home. If you prefer the smell of lavender over the citrus oils, simply substitute it for the lemon or other oils in the recipe. It will clean and disinfect your surfaces while leaving your home with the fresh smell of lavender.


Now that you know all the amazing lavender essential oil benefits that you can get from this amazing oil, I’m sure you’ll want to have plenty on hand for all you can do with it.

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