King's Bluff

King’s Bluff Hiking in Arkansas

We finally got a chance to go back and go hiking King’s Bluff near Pelsor, Arkansas. If you follow our blog you may remember that we had visited this area earlier in the summer and hiked the Pedestal Rocks trail. An approaching thunderstorm made us abort the visit to King’s Bluff.

Since it has cooled off and the weather was forecast to be perfect we set off on a Sunday afternoon to visit the area and hike to King’s Bluff. Our friends had been wanting to see this too, so they came along and also appear in the video.

To reach the area take Highway 7 to the junction of Highway 16 in Pelsor, Arkansas. Take east Highway 16 toward the town of Ben Hur for about 6 miles, and you’ll see the sign on your right. If you reach the town of Ben Hur you have gone too far. You’ll need to drive back about 2.5 miles. You can use the map above to orient yourself.

The last time we visited the King’s Bluff and Pedestal Rocks area was during the week, and it was hot. There was no one there besides us. This time we visited on a weekend and the parking area was almost full of cars. With that being said, we didn’t see anyone at all until we reached the intersection of the two loop trails and were almost back to the trailhead.

To reach King’s Bluff from the trailhead you will cross a small rock bridge. The sign for the King’s Bluff trail will direct you to the right. The trail rises slightly for a short distance, and then begins going downhill. The trail is not difficult and is easy to follow. There are signs along the trail which indicate where the trail doesn’t go to keep you on track. The signs say “Not Trail” with a red circle and line through it.

King’s Bluff is about 0.9 miles from the trailhead. You will come out of the forest onto a wide flat bluff area with beautiful views of the valley. There is a waterfall to the right. We went several days after a rain, so the waterfall was only a trickle. To see the fall in all its glory I would suggest planning to go right after a substantial rain in the area.

You should spend a little time exploring the beauty of the bluff area and enjoying the views. On our visit to King’s Bluff, the leaves were just starting to turn. I can imagine the views as even more astounding when the leaves are in full fall colors.

Once you are finished exploring and relaxing you can take the trail back the way you came, or continue along the loop trail. The sign says that the trail back is actually 0.1 mile longer than taking the loop trail out to the left. I would suggest you take the loop trail that follows the bluff area back. The rock formations and views of the valley are quite incredible. You came all this way so it would be a shame to not see all the beauty and wonder along that part of the trail.

The video below shows some natural wonders you’ll see when you visit.

A word of caution is needed here. As you see in the video there is a sign that advises that this is a high cliff area. Please stay safe and watch your children if you take them to visit this area. People have died doing silly stunts to get a selfie at areas like this. Be safe and enjoy one of the many natural wonders that are so plentiful in the Natural State, especially in the Ozarks.

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