Attractions Near Marshall, AR

A Few Attractions Near Marshall, AR

In this post, we wanted to share with you a few attractions near Marshall, AR. In the video below we visited the scenic overlook located just outside Marshall. Located beside the scenic overlook is the Rock N Java coffee shop. After we leave there we drive by one of the few remaining operating Drive-in theaters in the state. Then we visit a spring that most people probably drive right by and never know is there.

The scenic overlook is easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. By the time you see it, you have likely driven past. The only warning is the small blue sign as seen in the video. But it is well worth the stop to admire the amazing view.

Scenic Overlook

Sitting beside the scenic overlook is the Rock N Java coffee and rock shop. They serve gourmet coffee and teas, as well as having daily lunch specials. We visited on a Wednesday, which is Chinese Wednesday in the cafe. I had the Mongolian Beef with a side of egg rolls and cream cheese rangoons. We had an excellent meal while enjoying the atmosphere and the scenery right outside the window. You can see what is going on at the Rock N Java by visiting their facebook page. They also have a location in Clinton, AR.

Mongolian Beef

Once we left the cafe we traveled into the city of Marshall to see one of the few, if not the only, remaining operating drive-in theaters in the state. The Kenda drive-in is a little bit of history from a by-gone era when you could see a movie while sitting in your car, a speaker mounted on the driver side window. For more information on the movies playing and the hours of operation, you can visit their web site.

Finally, on the way out of Marshall there is a hidden gem that most people drive right past. In the video above are some signs to look for to stop and visit a spring that is right along the roadside. The spring water runs through a pipe that ends right along the roadside. There is a small area for you to pull off the highway.

Bill at Spring
Bill at the roadside spring

If you climb the small trail up the rocks you will also see the cistern of the spring. Further up the trail you will find another place where water is rushing from the ground, and a small cave at the very top of the trail.

me on trail
Gary climbing to the top of the trail

The next time you are traveling up Highway 65 keep these attractions in mind as you get close to Marshall. There are plenty of other things to do and see in the area. Take the time to stop and make some memories of your own.

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