Buffalo River Near Jasper, Arkansas

Buffalo River

For more info and 360° photos of Pruitt Landing check out our new post here. When most people think of the Buffalo River in Arkansas they think of hot weather and canoes. But if you only think of seeing the Buffalo River in the summer you are missing out. Some of the most beautiful scenery…Read more

Myrtle Trestle On Bear Creek

Myrtle Trestle On Bear Creek

The Myrtle Trestle on Bear Creek is a sight to see. The trestle is part of the Missouri and Northern Arkansas railroad line between Bergman and Guion, Arkansas. The line is still used today to ship products. We weren’t lucky enough to have a train pass while I was flying. However, I have read that…Read more

Barren Fork Crossing

Barren Fork Crossing

It was a rainy day in north Arkansas when we set out to shoot some drone video. We were alert for the weather as we made our way to the Barren Fork Crossing. It began misting rain during the drive. I was beginning to think the weather would make us abort this trip. However, just…Read more

Diamond Hills Country Club

diamond hills country club

If you are looking for a gem in the heart of the Ozarks, then Diamond Hills Country Club is just what you are looking for. Diamond Hills Country Club is located in Diamond City, Arkansas. It is mere minutes from Bull Shoals Lake and offers all the amenities of a full-service club and golf course….Read more

Storm Chase 8/27/19

lightning image

Storm Chase 8/27/19-While looking at the radar last night it was apparent that a line of strong storms would be moving into my area a little after midnight from the northwest. As many of you know I have been fascinated by thunderstorms for many years now. This was another chance to observe a strong thunderstorm…Read more