cardamom benefits

Cardamom Benefits

Cardamom benefits are hard to beat for anti-inflammatory and anti-spasm uses. Cardamom Essential Oil– Elettaria cardamomum is extracted from the seeds of the Cardamom plant. You are probably familiar with Cardamom as a spice used in cooking some of your dishes. However, the essential oil has many health benefits you may not be aware of.

For use in aromatherapy Cardamom is a middle note. It is not generally used in a diffuser by itself. Where it really shines is in a blend with other essential oils. It blends well with the citrus oils or floral oils as a top note. You can also add a base note with one of the woody oils like Sandalwood, Cedarwood or Cypress for a pleasing blend.

Cardamom benefits include the following:

Relieves Spasms

Cardamom essential oil is good for use with a carrier oil or in a balm to help relieve spasms from injury in the muscles or from cramps.

It can help with respiratory symptoms such as asthma or other conditions to help relieve coughs. It has antimicrobial qualities which can help when used in a diffuser if you are fighting a cold or the flu.


Another of the many Cardamom benefits is it’s antimicrobial properties, it is a safe and effective antiseptic. It is used as an ingredient in some chewing gums due to its ability to kill bacteria in the mouth and freshen breath. It has been shown to kill five bacterial strains that cause cavities. It is safe to use as a mouth rinse by placing a few drops in a small amount of water and swishing around in the mouth as a mouthwash. Be sure to spit it out and don’t swallow it.

In addition, in test tube studies Cardamon has been effective in killing E. Coli and Staphylococcus bacteria. Although there have been no human studies to show the effectiveness in use in human wounds and infections, the studies do show promise.

May Improve Breathing

In animal studies Cardamom was effective in relaxing the airways. If this effect crosses over to humans it could be effective to use Cardamom in a diffuser to help relieve the airway constriction of asthma.

It was shown in a human study that Cardamom inhaled before exercise on a treadmill improved oxygen uptake for those in the study that inhaled the essential oil for 1 minute before exercise.

May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Cardamom has antioxidant and diuretic effects. Antioxidants have been shown to help lower blood pressure. Antioxidants are also needed to prevent the formation of oxygen free radicals that can cause a number of health issues. And the increase in urination may also decrease blood pressure by eliminating excess water from your body.

Has a Warming Effect

Cardamom essential oil has a warming effect on the body which can increase metabolism, cause sweating to flush toxins and increase blood flow. This is useful for treating sore joints and muscle pain, as increased blood flow to the area can help with healing. This makes it useful for adding to joint massage oils and balms used for joint pain and stiffness.

Helps Improve Digestion

It promotes the proper functioning of the whole digestive system. This has the effect of improving digestion and allowing your body to extract nutrients from the food you eat in a more efficient manner. It may also help in cases of poor bowel habits by promoting proper digestion.

Rich In Anti-inflammatory Compounds

Cardamom essential oil is rich in substances that are anti-inflammatory. These anti-inflammatory compounds may help treat chronic disease that have an inflammatory component. They may also have cancer fighting and prevention effects as well.

As you can see, using Cardamom as a spice in your food or using the essential oil may have many health benefits for you.