Our line of business services is geared toward helping you grow your business online. From helping you claim your Google My Business listing and setting up your account, to helping you improve your search ranking using SEO optimization techniques such as keywords and photos, our goal is to make sure your business is successful online. Check out our offerings below.

Google Local Listings

One of the best ways to increase your business is to make sure you have claimed your local listing on Google Maps for Local Search. This is where we can help. We will not only help you claim your listing and set up your Google My Business account, we’ll also show you ways you can improve your listing. There are a number of things we can help you do for your listing that can favorably impact where your listing ranks in local search.

It is important not to ignore your listing here, as more and more people use smart devices to search for the things they want and need. For example, let’s say you are out running errands, and you are hungry. Would you drive home and sit down at your computer to find somewhere to eat? Of course not! You would pull out your phone or tablet and type in “Restaurants near me”, right? Now you see why it is important to have someone who can optimize your listing to score well in the search results. Google local results show the top 3 listings near where your phone says you are right at the top of the page. If you are in those top 3 results how much more business do you think you would be getting? This is where our experience and expertise can help you succeed.

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Virtual Tours

Virtual tours consist of 360° photos that are joined together into a tour that can be moved through by the user using hotspots. There are substantial advantages to including a virtual tour in your website, no matter what your business. Studies have shown that virtual tours engage your audience, and they spend more time on your website. They increase the confidence of viewers because it feels like you are open, and they can see your location before they visit. One study found that over 97% of consumers do local search research on the internet prior to making a purchase or using a service. A virtual tour can help you retain website visitors, increase confidence, and increase sales or bookings.

Below are a few examples of how a virtual tour can help.

For Service Providers (Physicians, Attorneys, Etc.)

Showing potential clients a street view, entrance view, and inside view of your offices can help people find you and will increase the confidence of those people visiting for the first time. It can also help your business rank higher in local search for the search engines because the new algorithms give you a higher score for using this new technology. This means more inquiries and potential clients for your services.

For The Hospitality & Food Services Industry

The use of 360° virtual tours for the hospitality and food services industry are a no-brainer. People like to be able to see the rooms when staying in a hotel. They also like to check out the amenities such as swimming pools and fitness rooms. You can show them in great detail how your location differs from your competition. For restaurants, you can show diners both outside and inside your location. You can highlight specific areas such as the bar or private dining areas too.

Check out our example from a resort we shot recently.

We also offer high-definition still and aerial photography at reasonable prices. Let us know what you need, and we’ll be more than happy to create a proposal to fit your budget.

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