Quality Of Essential Oils Explained

Quality Of Essential Oils Explained

Quality of essential oils is an important subject for me. Many people choose to purchase low price oils at discount retailers both online and in stores. Unfortunately, those discount oils are in most instances, not pure essential oils.

Firstly, this is duping consumers into thinking they are buying quality essential oils when they aren’t. Secondly, it gives the whole industry a bad name because you purchase an oil thinking you are going to get a certain therapeutic benefit. If the oil doesn’t work as expected your first thought will probably be that essential oils are a bunch of hype and simply don’t work.

In reality, you have simply purchased something that smells similar to a pure and quality essential oil but has been adulterated so that the constituents contained in a pure essential oil have been diluted to the point they no longer have the same effect.

I wanted to share with you a video that was done by Dr. Robert Pappas. This video was shot in his lab where he performs essential oil testing. He shows you in the lab that they own and operate several GC/MS instruments that cost between $60-90,000. I’m convinced this gentleman knows what he is talking about.

Dr. Pappas uses GC/MS testing equipment and shows the results of testing to illustrate to you why buying essential oils at cut-rate prices from major online retailer sellers is not such a good idea. He also mentions the cut-rate oils sold at a major brick and mortar discount retailer.

He shows 3 popular brands in the video that have high reviews on Amazon and yet all the oils are adulterated with non-naturally occurring chemical constituents.

As I covered in my blog post on Essential Oil Quality, it can be hard for consumers to know whether they are purchasing a quality essential oil or not.

I also covered adulterants in essential oils in another blog post. You can read that blog post here.

Dr. Pappas explains in more detail what an adulterant is and actually shows examples from GC/MS testing he has done in his lab of the 3 brands mentioned.

This video is a raw behind the scenes look at testing of essential oils and the way unsuspecting consumers can be duped into buying adulterated essential oils.

Please, no matter if you decide to purchase your oils from us or someone else, make sure and do your research on the oils you plan to purchase. Use them safely and enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Pure essential oils are powerful and can be used to great benefit when used as intended.

If you are interested in getting into the chemistry of essential oils Dr. Pappas has a website. You can sign up and get access to a huge database of essential oil chemical information.