Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

When considering portrait photography, you want someone who will be able to make a connection with you and bring out real emotions. Proper lighting and real, genuine emotions and expressions are so much more important than the gear used.

Although I use professional grade gear my focus is on making a connection with you and capturing the genuine and unique person inside you. This stage of the portrait photography shoot can’t be rushed. I like to spend a little time before the portrait shoot talking to you and getting you comfortable. That is how we capture truly inspiring images of you.

You can choose your portrait photography package according to your budget and needs. Take a look at the packages below. If none of them fit your needs, just contact us and let us see what we can do for you. We want to be the first photographer you think of when you are considering portrait photography for yourself, your family, or even an event.

portrait photography

Economy Package

The economy package is for those who want portrait photography and editing of the photos from their session in a budget-friendly package. The economy shoot is generally around 30 minutes to an hour in length. The time it takes all depends on how long it takes us to set up the shots, wardrobe changes, etc.

The Economy Package: $175


Premium Package

The premium package is for those who want to make a memorable experience even more memorable. We will take the time to get some truly unique photos and you will have more photos to choose from. The premium shoot can be 1-2 hours depending on wardrobe changes and the time it takes to set up the shots. You will get at least 20 different shots to choose from for prints. You also get those shots in web format for you to share on social media.

The Premium Package: $400

platinum package

Platinum Package

The platinum package is for those who want to take their photoshoot to the next level with multiple locations and shot setups to get unique and stunning photos while having the ability to choose to have all the photos from your shoot professionally edited and resized for sharing on the web and social media. The platinum shoot can last 2-4 hours depending on wardrobe changes and the time it takes to set up the shots and travel between locations. You can choose to purchase prints through us or you can choose to use your own printing service. You also get all the shots from your shoot in web format for you to share on the web and social media.

The Platinum Package: $900

Fantasy photo

Fantasy/Art Shoot

If you really want something fun and unique to show off to friends and family, then let me create a true one-of-a-kind art photo for you. This is a shoot where your creativity can shine. You provide the costume and I’ll place your photo into a truly unique background created just for you. Since each background creation is unique to your vision, we have the opportunity to create something you will be proud to share. Here are a few examples below.

Crystal castle
Tina Christmas
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