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At Lost In The Ozarks photography, our mission is to provide you with high-quality aerial photography and video services. We make it easy for your company to acquire and use professional quality drone imagery or video for your business or marketing efforts.

Our pilot is an FAA certified commercial drone pilot with many years of experience as a photographer and video producer. This experience is crucial when working with clients to get just the right framing for client photos and that cinematic look for your videos.

Drone photography and video are everywhere you look. These reliable devices have opened up the photography and video worlds to entirely new perspectives. Drones, or UAVs, have the ability to capture high definition 4K video footage or high-quality aerial photographs at a small fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter or aircraft and pilot. Unmanned platforms also have the capability to fly close to structures for such missions as roof or solar panel inspections, cell or water tower inspections, and even building inspections for insurance purposes such as after a natural disaster. The sky is literally the limit with this new technology.

Our production suite uses the latest versions of Adobe software for both photography and video production. This gives you peace of mind that your project will enjoy the very best outcome and will provide you with the value you are investing in. We pride ourselves on giving you the personal touch for your project and we will stay in touch with you every step of the way from planning to execution and delivery of the finished product.

Our drone services customers get the same attention to detail and personal service as our photography customers get for their photography needs.

Drone Services

Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography

If you are a realtor you know how much competition there is for buyers in the residential real estate market. How do you stand out from the crowd and get buyers to look at your listings? How do you convince sellers to list with you? Offer added value, that’s how.

Video is the fastest-growing segment online right now. A video gives buyers a feeling for a property that still photos alone just can’t provide. Add in the extra dimension of being able to show prospective buyers an aerial view of the property and the surroundings and you have a winning combination. A well-produced video with cinematic shots will get more prospective buyers to pay attention to your listing.

With today’s drones, we can produce magazine quality aerial photos showcasing the property and the surrounding neighborhood at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.

Videos shot in 4K resolution give you the greatest amount of detail for your video. Even when reducing the resolution for the web to create smaller files your video will still look stunning.

We create a fully customizable video for your listing optimized for the residential real estate market. You can choose to get a totally unbranded video for addition to your listing on your MLS or choose a branded video to showcase on your website.

We can also produce a video of the interior of the property. Using the latest in Steadicam technology we can shoot a spectacular, smooth walk-through video of the property to add to the aerial video, or as a stand-alone project. Of course, we can also shoot still photos of interiors as well.

You can read what the National Association of Realtors has to say about making use of drones in this article.


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Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography

While residential real estate has used aerial photography for some time the commercial real estate market is growing at a substantial pace. Commercial real estate owners and managers can use aerial photography to showcase stunning views of their property.

Once only available to high-end properties due to cost, it is now possible to get stunning aerial views at a small fraction of the cost. Aerial photos or video footage can make your marketing efforts stand out to potential clients.

Some uses for aerial photo and video for marketing commercial properties include:

Apartment Complexes– Show off the buildings, parking, amenities, the surrounding areas, and other advantages of living in your property. Showcase the beautiful landscaping, pool, outdoor living areas, and other advantages to choosing your apartment complex to live in.

Office Buildings– Office buildings can show potential tenants the parking, building, and access points to the building. Aerial photos or videos can also show off the surrounding neighborhood to people who may be considering locating their business in your complex. Traffic is important to any business, so by showing off the advantages of locating in your commercial building you can increase your occupancy.

Factories– Aerial photography can be used to help sell or lease vacant factories. Show off the best features of the property. You can also show off the nearby highway or rail access that can help potential clients see the advantages of moving into your property instead of that of a competitor. If you have built a new factory show it off to potential clients to highlight your increased capacity or your high-tech surroundings to impress potential clients.

Shopping Malls– Shopping malls can also benefit from stunning aerial views. Traffic is very important for retail outlets. Show business owners why locating in your shopping mall will help them be successful by showing off parking and access points from the surrounding streets. You can also show them other tenants who already enjoy the advantages of being located in your mall.


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Please contact us to discuss your project or ideas on marketing your property. We can get your project shot, edited and delivered within 48 hours in most cases.

Drone Orthomosaic Mapping

Drone mapping services are our newest offerings for our customers. Drone mapping, also known as photogrammetry, is being used in a wide range of applications. The precision of the newest drones is amazing due to the onboard GPS. We now have software that can help us fly a precision mission to get the images you need. This allows us to create a map with a resolution of around 1 inch per pixel.

An orthomosaic map is a georeferenced single image that is stitched together using hundreds or thousands of overlapping images. The images are all corrected software using the camera and lens settings of the drone and ground control points. This geolocation technology helps us to create an image corrected map that is more accurate than using Google maps. It is also time-specific, whereas satellite images may be several years old. This is a game-changer for crop surveys and other time-sensitive data needs.

A problem with using satellite maps is that much of the time they are several years old. And the cost of updated satellite maps for the average farmer or business is prohibitive. Drone mapping is an affordable alternative to costly satellite photos.


Drone mapping 1

The image above is the Diamond Hills Country Club I mapped that shows the result that comes from the drone/software combination when doing a mapping mission. The image demonstrates a few of the different things you can do with an orthomosaic map.

The owners of the property wanted an aerial view of the clubhouse grounds and golf course to have a 6’x4′ large photo to hang at the entrance of the clubhouse. As you can see from the photo below the detail is amazing when you zoom in to the clubhouse area.

Drone mapping 2

Other Uses For This Technology

Area Measurements

Our drone mapping services can be used to create orthomosaic maps that are accurate enough to be used to measure volumes and areas. A good example of this is how this imagery can be used in the roofing industry to help determine the area of a roof. The data can then be used to determine with greater accuracy what materials will be needed for a job. This can help to refine estimates for customers which can assist you in landing more jobs when bidding. It can also be used when planning solar panel installations. Once installed, panels can be inspected using drone technology. You can read more about inspections using drones here.

Another use of measurements available with these maps is in the mining and construction industries. These measurements using drone and software technology can give you accurate measurements when you don’t require a legal land survey but instead only need accurate data. I’m sure you can think of many more uses for this technology in your business.

Drone mapping 3

3D Modeling

We can also produce 3D models of buildings, construction sites, properties, and other items. Using the same technology we can shoot your building or other sites to construct a 3D model in which you can fly around in 3D space. Spin and view your current model from any angle and gain valuable insights and data to make informed decisions.

Real Estate

Drone mapping services for real estate marketing can help increase your sales. The real estate industry is beginning to use orthomosaic maps in marketing properties. The typical altitude of an orthomosaic map mission is between 200 and 300 feet. This type of map can give potential buyers an idea of not only the property but also the surrounding neighborhood. These maps can also be used to do a 3d rendering of the area for potential buyers. The most successful real estate professionals are using this technology to drive sales.


Farmers can now make use of this technology to check on crop health and possible pest infestations. The process uses the multispectral abilities of drone cameras. The Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index (VARI) uses a stock camera that is included with most drones to measure the amount of green in an image using RGB images.

Relative crop health can be determined by measuring the amount of green light reflected back to the camera sensor and measuring the amount of green light compared to other wavelengths. Since plants reflect light mostly in the green portion of the spectrum (that’s why leaves look green to our eyes) a farmer can detect areas that may be having problems. The farmer can then investigate the area and solve the issue, thus potentially increasing yields. These areas can be detected from the air where they might be missed in spot checks of the field until they are in an advanced state.

Drone Inspections

The ease with which drone inspections can be completed is pretty amazing. Drones can return high-resolution images and video of roofs, solar installations, towers, and building tiles at reasonable prices. This makes make them especially suited for performing inspections.

Below are some examples of drone inspections we can help you complete in a reasonable time frame and without needing to have a human physically perform them. High-resolution photos or videos can be examined by experts at length without needing to be on-site to actually perform the inspection. Additionally, no human danger exists when you send up a drone to heights or tight places to perform an inspection.

Roof Inspections– Manual inspection of roofs can be hazardous and can also cause additional damage from walking around on the roof. By using a drone we are able to give you high-resolution photos or videos of rooftops without the need for risky climbing onto the roof. You can then receive actionable data that can guide your next steps. With the combination of a roof inspection and photogrammetry, we can give you the tools to decide what repairs are needed, and even allow you to measure the volume of the roof to estimate the materials you will need to complete repairs, all without having to risk stepping onto the roof.

This information can also be valuable when planning solar panel installations. The high resolutions that can be obtained can be especially helpful when inspecting solar panels in existing installations.

Building Inspections– There are times where you need to inspect the sides of a tall building. Buildings get attacked from all sides, not just the tops. A drone can be very helpful when you need an inspection of side panels or building materials on the sides of tall buildings. This is where the unique capabilities of a drone can be invaluable. Building engineers can view the images in near real-time and direct the drone pilot to areas of particular interest. If the site has an internet connection the expert can view photos in almost real-time by sending them over the internet for review.

Tank And Facility Inspections– With aerial photography or video you can view tanks or even whole facilities from a different perspective. Inspect hard to access areas of tanks and other holding facilities. View and look over your entire complex from the air in a whole new way. Use this data to solve or spot existing issues while at the same time being able to spot and solve potential problems before they occur. All this data is available for a very reasonable price.

Utility Inspections– Drones can help you inspect cell towers, wind turbines, water towers, electrical transmission lines, and other structures. These tall structures can all be inspected with drones according to FAA regulations. The regulation allows a drone pilot to fly up to 400 feet above these structures while within 400 feet around the structure. A drone pilot can get you the data you need without having to send out a human to climb the tower.

Solar Inspections– The unique perspective of a drone can give you data you may not be able to get any other way. For solar farms, you can get a wide overview of your solar farm. You can also get up close inspections of individual panels should you need them. The capabilities to easily get you the data you need to make important decisions is what makes a drone inspection one of the best decisions you can make for your bottom line.

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