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Here at Lost In The Ozarks, one of the ways we share our information with you is through photography and videos. But did you know we also offer photography services to the public? Whether you need portrait, real estate, aerial, or other forms of photography let us offer the opportunity to save you some money on professional photography services. Our photographer has been in business since 2013. He has done extensive work in model photography as well as real estate and aerial drone photography, video, and mapping. He maintains his commercial drone pilot Part 107 license through the FAA, which is required for use in commercial applications.

Our latest offering is 360° photos and virtual tours for real estate. If you have seen some of our 360° photos from our hikes you can see this technology in action. He is a Google Street View Trusted photographer and has well over 100,000 views of his photos on Google Maps.

Whether you are looking for photography or video services, we can quote you a price that is budget-friendly while giving you professional results. Below are further details of our photography offerings.

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Portrait Photography– When you need portrait photography, we are here to help. Family, Senior, Modeling, Headshot, Maternity, and Boudoir photography are what we specialize in. Of course, we also offer our outdoor and landscape photo prints for sale too. Click this link to check out our portrait photography packages. Follow this link to check out our boudoir photo packages.

Aerial Drone Photo & Video– Under Part 107 of the FAA regulations, you must possess a license from the FAA if you use a UAV (drone) for any purpose which can be used in a business capacity. This includes uses in Real Estate, and even for YouTube videos since they can be monetized. Don’t risk getting a call from the FAA and a hefty fine. Hire a licensed commercial drone pilot and be confident you are following all the guidelines. For further information on our drone photo and video services, visit our Aerial Drone Photography & Video section.

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Virtual Tours For Real Estate– Real estate buyers are beginning to expect a virtual tour when they are looking to buy. This can help both the buyer and seller. Virtual tours are a way for buyers to narrow down the properties they truly want to see. This saves both the buyer and seller time and money because you are only doing in-person tours of the homes they really want to see. Using a 360° camera, we can set up a virtual tour, so the buyer can do a virtual walk-through online in the comfort and privacy of their own home. We can also host the tour for you if your current web hosting provider doesn’t have the capability to do it, for a small monthly fee. Check out some of our 360° photo technology on our virtual visits section of this site.

Photography Tips & Tricks– Check out our list of photography tips to learn new techniques to try in your photography. From portraits to landscapes, to night photography, there are tips here for all levels of experience. I wanted to share my love of photography with everyone. That’s why I took the time to write these articles and hopefully made them, so you can learn in depth how I got some of these shots. Photography isn’t just about snapping a photo. It’s about being creative and finding the beauty in the world around you. It’s about finding your passion and then setting out to capture images that move people. Likewise, it’s not about spending thousands of dollars on equipment. It’s about using the equipment you have and learning just what you can do with a few additional items. Check out our list of articles on photography here.

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