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Photography Blog

This page contains all our blog posts about photography. The blog includes tips, tricks, and other information to help you become a better photographer.

Fall foliage

Fall Foliage Photography

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It’s also a great time for doing fall foliage photography.

The colors are changing, and there are a lot of leaves on the ground to frame your shots with. You can take pictures from a distance, or you can get up close and personal with your subjects to have an opportunity to capture their true beauty.

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Lightning Photography

Lightning photography has always fascinated me. When I started with my first DSLR camera, one of the first things I wanted to do was capture lightning. I did a lot of research on the subject and tested various techniques. The following are the two techniques I settled on to capture lightning images.

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Night storm 1
Understanding depth of field

Understanding Depth of Field

We have all seen photos with the subject in focus while the background is creamy and blurry. This is called bokeh. This term comes from a Japanese word and means the blur produced in the out-of-focus areas of an image that are produced by the lens. Understanding depth of field can help you produce those dramatic images.

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Macro Photography

You need a lens designed for macro photography or you can use macro rings designed for your make and model of camera. A macro lens is designed with the ability to focus extremely close and also do fine focus. The minimum focal distance of a lens is usually stamped into the lens somewhere. A macro lens will have a significantly smaller minimal focal distance than a typical lens.

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macro photography
long exposure photography

Long Exposure Photography

One of my absolute favorite things to do is long-exposure photography. I would be willing to bet at least a few of you have taken photos of water and the photo simply froze the water in place. You’ve looked in envy at the photos others post that show water with a silky smooth look and wondered how they do it. If you have ever wondered how to get that silky smooth look of water when you take photos, then you’ll want to read on to find out how it’s done.

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Landscape Photography

Symmetry, repetition, contrast, asymmetry, coherence, symbolism, and even a dash of irony can all be contained in landscape photos. Any or a combination of these are components that construct a beautiful photograph. Some people feel that landscape photography is easy. They think all you need to do is arrive at a destination, take out your camera and snap a photo. But that kind of thinking produces a snapshot that can be captured by anyone using the camera on their cell phone. Read more…

landscape photography
Night photography orion nebula

Night Sky Photography

Night sky photography is one of the facets of photography that I really enjoy. The amazing dark skies in most of the Ozarks make it a very good location for shooting the night sky. I recently posted a photo of the Orion Nebula on our social media pages. It was our most viewed photo on the Lost In The Ozarks social media platforms to date.

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Photography Tips

If you are just starting out in photography or you just want to learn something new, check out these great photography tips for beginners. You’ll find tips for getting better photos whether you use a DSLR or your camera phone. The basic concepts are the same no matter what tool you use to capture images.

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Photography tips

If you are like most photographers, copyright is something you may not know a lot about. But protecting your images from theft and use without your permission should be something you do to every image before you post them online. Too many people think that everything is free on the internet and they just copy and paste without thought to the consequences. Read More…

Low Light Photography

Low light photography can be a real challenge. Most of us don’t get to explore caves like a photographer for National Geographic magazine. We don’t have a lighting crew following us around to set up our shots. But going into the underground realm on a tour still feels like an adventure. When it comes to taking home memories of your trip by shooting in a cave, challenges can arise. Read More…

low light photography
blue heron

Bird Photography

Birds are everywhere. You see them whether you are hiking in the woods or fishing the many lakes and streams I frequent. Birds are colorful and come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a challenge to photograph because they rarely sit still for long. Read More…

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