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We use the blooms from the Eastern Redbud tree to make redbud jelly. Watch to learn about the Eastern Redbud tree and how we make this beautiful and delicious jelly.
Making Jelly From Wild Violet Flowers
Make this wonderful tasting dandelion jelly to make use of the dandelions in your yard. Easy and simple to make.
Make these easy toilet cleaning fizzies at home. Drop one in the toilet and they will fizz and release the cleaners into the toilet to clean and refresh. Leaves a clean fresh scent.
Use water and white vinegar to naturally remove stuck-on food from your microwave oven. This fast and easy DIY method takes minutes and leaves your microwave clean and fresh.
More great tips: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
Make your own soothing hemorrhoid wipes using all-natural essential oils. Similar to store-bought pads and extremely effective in reducing pain and itch.
Essential Oils: https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
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This easy DIY shampoo is much less expensive than store brands and uses natural ingredients to keep your hair and scalp healthy.
This DIY peppermint foaming carpet cleaner works as well or better than the ones you buy at the supermarket, at a much lower cost. Quick and easy to make at home.
Microfiber cloths: https://amzn.to/3q91WZ4
Essential Oils: https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
This DIY Peppermint Glass Cleaner can save you a ton of money over buying commercial glass cleaners. Quick and easy to make with only a few ingredients.
Essential Oils: https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
Microfiber Cloths: https://amzn.to/3p4bpBA
This easy DIY disinfectant hand gel is great for your skin and uses essential oils to kill germs on your hands.
Get your essential oils here: https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
Quick and easy DIY citrus air freshener for your home. Don’t like citrus? Just substitute your favorite essential oil. For more DIY tips visit our site: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
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This video teaches how to make easy homemade bath bombs you can enjoy any time you want. Inexpensive and luxurious bath experience. For more ways to save please visit our site: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
Essential Oils – https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
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This all-natural and easy-to-make deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day. Kills the bacteria that cause body odor. See more tips on our website: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
Essential Oils –https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
Make your own quick and easy body wash. Save money and avoid harsh chemicals. See more tips on our website: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
Essential Oils – https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
Shows a quick and inexpensive DIY carpet freshener method. Essential Oils: https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
This easy DIY liquid laundry detergent is perfect to make whether you are working to live green or you just want to save some money. We all know how expensive cleaning products can be, and the prices just keep going up. One way to beat the high prices of store-bought cleaning products is to mix your own from easily obtained ingredients.
This video shows an easy method to clean a dirty shower using only baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Shower cleaning using natural products is both money-saving and environmentally sound.
This video shows you a really easy way to naturally clean and disinfect your sink. Uses only totally biodegradable products that you almost certainly have in your home right now.
In this video, I show you a quick and easy way to clean a front load washer. This method uses only things that you are most likely to have in your home right now.
In this video, I show you how to naturally clean your dishwasher using ingredients you probably already have in your home right now. Quick and easy to do.
This video shows you how to make a homemade DIY wood cleaner and polish using only a few natural ingredients. Clean and polish your wood to make it look brilliant and to preserve your precious wood furniture.
How to clean a shower head naturally if you have calcium buildup. Don’t buy a new one when you can cheaply make it like-new. See more at https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
Our list of products you want to stock up on for making natural cleaning products for your home. Natural cleaning products are as effective as the harsh chemical products you buy. They are safer for your family and the environment. See more on our website: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
This video shows and explains why you should never use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. Hint- it DOES NOT produce “scrubbing bubbles”
Watch the video below to learn a natural way to clean and disinfect your cutting boards. Cutting boards are great for helping you save your countertop from nicks and cuts when preparing foods. But reusing them without cleaning them can lead to food-borne illness for you and your family. Cutting up raw meat on your cutting board, then using it to cut up other food items without disinfecting it can lead to food-borne illnesses like E. coli. This is easily preventable by using these simple tools you probably already have around the house. This video shows you a quick and simple method to clean and disinfect your cutting board to prevent transferring germs to your food as you prepare it.
Recipe and demonstration of a homemade degreaser spray using all-natural biodegradable ingredients. It does a fantastic job on greasy stoves, grills, etc.
This video shows you how to make a really simple and easy DIY scouring paste to use on stovetops, counters, and all around the kitchen. I show you how I used it to remove baked-on greasy rings around the burners on my flat stovetop. It works as well as expensive stovetop cleaners you buy at the supermarket.
Melissa, better known as Lemon Balm, is an easy to grow and useful herb in the mint family. Discover lots of ways to use it in this video.
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Red clover may have benefits for your health when taken as a supplement. We look at some possible benefits and ongoing research.
White clover is a common edible plant you may even have in your own yard. Learn about its uses.
St. John’s Wort is a powerhouse little herb for your skin. Learn all about this amazing herb for your skincare. Whether it’s bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns, sunburn, bruises and blemishes, minor skin rashes and irritations, or simply making your skin look and feel younger, St. John’s Wort can do it all.
We explore the culinary and medicinal uses of Wild Bergamot.
This video covers how to grow and use wild lettuce for mild pain relief.
Information on essential oils and herbs: https://lostintheozarks.com/natural-living-health-blog
Make a natural tick repellent spray using only water, witch hazel, and essential oils. Essential Oils- https://lostintheozarks.com/shop
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We fry up some dandelion flowers and find that they taste a lot like fried okra. Dandelion flowers are packed with vitamins and minerals. We use sunflower oil to fry them.
Hunting, harvesting and making Wild Toothwort dip. Cutleaf toothwort is one of the first flowers to bloom in early Spring. Common name for the root is Pepper Root. It tastes similar to horseradish, but milder.
This hand soap is easy to make and saves money. Made with antimicrobial essential oils, the soap smells great and kills germs.
Bottling the tincture we made from the goldenrod collected in the early fall of 2020. Tincture Bottles- https://amzn.to/3q5EGKV
This is Part 2 of the video on making your own Goldenrod salve for sore muscles and joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of this amazing plant can help relieve the pain. It can also be used to decrease the swelling and itching of bug bites and other skin irritations.
I go out and wild harvest goldenrod and show you how to create a tincture and infused oil. Be sure and watch part 2 on making a goldenrod salve. It can be used for joint pain, muscles soreness, gout, arthritis, eczema, and other skin conditions.
Digging edible burdock root.
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