Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits

Sweet Marjoram and its cousin Oregano are used widely in cooking. Did you also know that the essential oil from Sweet Marjoram has many benefits for your health? Sweet Marjoram has been used for thousands of years as not only a cooking spice but also as a natural medicinal herb.

It’s not surprising to be confused between Marjoram and Oregano. Cultivated Marjoram is usually called Sweet Marjoram while Oregano is sometimes known as Wild Marjoram. So wild Marjoram is actually the Oregano you so often use in the kitchen.Confused yet? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Sweet Marjoram has a close resemblance to the taste of Oregano, and can be substituted either way in cooking. Sweet Marjoram has a slightly milder flavor than Oregano and also has a finer texture of the two.

But you aren’t looking for information on the culinary uses of Marjoram. You want to know the benefits of the essential oil. Am I right? Since this is an article about the essential oil that would be my assumption.

The History of Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram is an herb that is in the same family as the mints, basil, the already mentioned cousin oregano, lavender sage, and thyme. It belongs to the botanical family of Lamiaceae (mint). Its botanical name is Origanum majorana.

Both the Romans and the Greeks included sweet marjoram in their mythology. It was associated with love and both the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus. In both of these civilizations wedding partners wore head pieces made of marjoram for the wedding ceremony.

Both marjoram and oregano were believed to have the ability to protect from evil and illness in ancient times.


For use in aromatherapy marjoram essential oil is considered a middle note. This means it blends well with top note oils such as the citrus and mint oils. It also goes well with bottom note oils such as helichrysum, sandalwood or ylang ylang.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits


Sweet Marjoram essential oil has analgesic properties which can make it effective in helping you treat pain associated with headache, toothache, muscle and joint aches and pains, colds, etc. Unlike other pain relieving compounds such as NSAIDS the essential oil of sweet marjoram doesn’t have side effects associated with those drugs.

Good For Cardiovascular Health

This essential oil is an effective vasodilator. This means it relaxes the blood vessels and helps improve blood flow. When the blood vessels dilate it reduces blood pressure and decreases the load on the heart. These effects can be very helpful for those suffering from high blood pressure or coronary artery disease.

Aids Digestion

The scent of this essential oil can stimulate the salivary glands. Saliva is important as you chew your food to aid with primary digestion. It has been shown in at least one study to aid in the prevention and healing of gastric ulcers. It also stimulates the gut to improve the movement of food through the digestive system. It also may be effective in treating or preventing excess gas and flatulence.

Sweet Marjoram Balances Hormones

Of interest to women is that Sweet Marjoram oil can also help balance hormones and help to make periods regular as well as helping to relieve the symptoms of PMS and difficult periods. It may also help to prevent premature menopause in women.

One study found that sweet marjoram helped reduce the concentration of adrenal androgens in women. These are the cause of many hormonal problems in women of reproductive age.

May Help With Type 2 Diabetes

Sweet marjoram has been shown to block two important enzymes that can negatively affect blood sugar. By blocking these enzymes it can have a positive effect on the blood sugar and help type 2 diabetics control the blood sugar.

May Promote Better Sleep

Sweet Marjoram helps to relax the nervous system. This can not only result in the heart health benefits listed above, but it can also help you relax and sleep better. I can attest that it helps with sleep. I use 2 drops of sweet marjoram and 5 drops of lavender in a diffuser beside my bed at night for a good night’s sleep.

Helps Heal Wounds & Prevent Infections

The oil can also help speed up the healing of wounds. Since it also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties it also helps prevent wound infection during the healing process.

Natural Cough Relief

It has been shown to help relieve the accumulation of mucus and to help relieve coughs. It can also be effective for chronic coughs. You may want to give this natural cough reliever a try if nothing else has seemed to work for you.

Now that you know about some of the many benefits of Sweet Marjoram oil you may want to try it for yourself. You can buy quality sweet marjoram oil here.