storing essential oils

Storing Essential Oils

When you purchase essential oils you want to make sure you protect them so they retain optimum therapeutic effect for as long as possible. That is where your knowledge of storing essential oils will come in handy. Some essential oils are expensive, but even the less expensive oils would be expensive to replace if you continually ruin them from improper storage.

Below are some tips to help you keep your essential oils as fresh as possible so you can enjoy them as long as possible.

Store In Dark Glass Bottles

You’ll notice that most sellers of essential oils ship them to you in a dark amber or blue bottle. This is to protect the delicate oils from sunlight. Sunlight can ruin your essential oils, so you should make sure you are storing essential oils away from direct sunlight. Don’t store your essential oils in clear glass bottles. Although they should always be stored in glass, clear glass bottles with not protect the essential oils from damaging sunlight. Plastic bottles should not be used either. The essential oils will degrade the plastic and ruin your essential oil.

While on the subject of bottles, don’t buy essential oils bottled with rubber dropper tops. The essential oils will turn the rubber into a gummy mess and eat away at the rubber. This will also ruin your essential oil and make it not suitable for therapeutic use.

Temperature For Storage

Some people claim you need to store your essential oils in the refrigerator. It won’t hurt your essential oils to store them in the ‘fridge, but you may have to let some of the thicker oils warm back up before they will come out of the dropper top easily when adding them to a diffuser.  You just really need to store them in a cool, dry area away from sunlight. You shouldn’t leave them stored in a car for long periods of time either. If you do forget them in your car, just let them naturally cool back down to room temperature without removing the lid. Some of the more volatile oils will evaporate quickly, especially at higher temperatures. The same can be said for freezing. If they accidentally become frozen due to being forgotten in your car during the winter, simply allow them to thaw to room temperature naturally and they should be fine.


Oxidation is the biggest enemy of your essential oils. Keep your oils stored with the caps tightly on the bottle. Only leave the cap off for a few seconds when using the oil, then place the cap back on tightly. Essential oils will not spoil and turn rancid in the same way other oils will, but oxidation will ruin them and decrease the therapeutic value. It is best to buy smaller bottles if you won’t use a whole bottle within one to two years. If you buy a larger size it is a good practice to keep a smaller empty bottle handy to transfer the contents of the larger bottle into as you use it up. This will allow you to keep the headspace in the bottle to a minimum. Each time you open the bottle you allow air to enter and the oxygen in the air will work to oxidize the oil. More air inside the bottle means more oxygen to oxidize the oil.

With proper storage, most essential oils will retain their therapeutic value for from 6 months to 2 years. You can research these times so you can plan to use them by the time they expire. Even after this date, they will retain their therapeutic properties, just at a lower level, as long as they have been stored correctly. Storing essential oils correctly will allow you to maximize your investment and enjoy the benefits of these amazing natural substances.

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