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Rose Essential Oil Benefits

There are a host of rose essential oil benefits you may not be aware of. Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) is one of the most luxurious and prized of all the essential oils. Roses have been used for centuries to express love.

The Rose Otto essential oil we offer comes from a traditional grower and distiller with over 100 years of experience. They are located in Bulgaria in an area known as the “Valley of the Roses”.

Since it takes up to 60 rose blossoms to make 1 drop of this essential oil, it is quite expensive compared to other essential oils. However, a drop goes a long way because the oil is the highly concentrated essence of the rose.


Roses were prized in ancient Greek and Roman cultures because they represented beauty and love. They were used as decorations on tables at feasts, and by the women as perfumes and in facial products. Even these cultures were aware of rose essential oil benefits.

Roses have been used in natural medicine by civilizations all over the world because it has astringent, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties.

Where Rose Otto essential oil stands out is when used in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. It is said that Rose Otto essential oil can help with setting a romantic mood and help to improve the libido.


Reduces Signs of Aging

Rose essential oil helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles when used with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba. A few drops mixed with the oil and applied to the face will rejuvenate the skin and give it a glowing, youthful appearance. It’s astringent properties help to tighten the skin for younger looking skin, and it’s moisturizing properties help relieve dry skin.

Treats Other Skin Problems

Since Rose essential oil has antibacterial properties it can be used to treat acne and other skin problems. It’s astringent properties help to tone the skin and tighten the pores to help relieve oily skin.

Enhances Romance

Roses have always been known as the flower of love. Rose Otto essential oil has been used in aromatherapy and massage oils to increase sexual appetite and enhance romance. It has also been used to treat sexual problems such as impotence and frigidity.

Place a few drops in a massage oil and use in a sensual massage, or place a few drops in a diffuser and allow the scent to fill the bedroom. Your love life will definitely improve when you use the scent of the flower of love.

Reduce Stress

Rose Otto essential oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and calm the mind. It is said to be helpful to treat grief and help someone deal with a loss.

Treat Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping Rose oil can be used in a diffuser placed by the bed. The delicate floral scent is known to help you relax and fall asleep. You can also place a few drops in a spray bottle with pure water and mist your bed with the scent to promote sleep.

Helps Premenstrual Cramps

Mixing a few drops of Rose essential oil with carrier oil warmed slightly  and then rubbed onto the lower abdomen is helpful for treating premenstrual cramps. The oil is also said to help balance female hormones to help with menstruation and menopause.

Helps With Digestive Issues

Diffusing Rose Otto essential oil or adding to a carrier oil and massaging into the abdomen can help treat digestive issues. It can be used to treat diarrhea, constipation and nausea.


As you can see, Rose Otto essential oil is useful for many issues, not just for beauty. It really is the luxurious oil of love and beauty. Although it is a little more expensive than other essential oils, the potential value far outweighs the cost. Especially when you consider how highly concentrated the oil is. Using only one or two drops gives you all the benefits of this amazing flower of love.

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