German Chamomile benefits

German Chamomile Benefits

In a previous post I wrote about Roman Chamomile Benefits. In this post I want to cover German Chamomile benefits and the subtle differences between these two essential oils. These essential oils may have some of the same properties, but they are different in their chemical constituents. Knowing this difference can help you when deciding on which oil to purchase for a specific use.

German Chamomile essential oil is also called Blue Chamomile due to the deep blue hue of the oil. During the steam distillation extraction process there is a change in the natural Matricin that forms Chamazulene. This is the process that makes the essential oil blue, thus the name. Since this same extraction process does not result in the blue hue in Roman Chamomile we can infer that the chemical constituents of each oil are similar but not the same.

A closer look confirms this. While Roman Chamomile oil is composed of around 75% Esters and about 10% Monoterpenols, German Chamomile oil is composed of up to 70% Sesquiterpenes and up to 15% oxides. So as you can see the chemical makeup of the two oils is very different. This is what imparts the differing benefits of the two oils.

The Chamazulene that imparts the blue color to this oil is also what gives it such powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is what makes it useful for adding to a carrier oil and using to relieve joint pain, strains, and sprains. It also has pain relieving properties which helps to alleviate the pain associated with these conditions. German chamomile benefits for strains and sprains are much different than those of Roman chamomile.

It is used in many skin products. The anti-inflammatory properties help in the treatment of dermatitis, shingles, rashes and other skin conditions. It can be used to treat hemorrhoids due to those same properties. The antiseptic properties of the oil make it useful for disinfecting minor wounds, and the pain relieving properties help to relieve the pain caused by the wound.

It can be used for insomnia just as with all Chamomile oils, but it would seem that Roman Chamomile would be a better choice to treat insomnia. It also has a mild calming effect, but again, Roman Chamomile would be a better choice for emotional support, while German Chamomile would be better for skin care and anti-inflammatory uses.

It should also be noted that Roman Chamomile is considered safer for use with children when dealing with emotional issues such as ADD/ADHD and acting out. Although German Chamomile does have calming and sedative effects, it is deemed not to be as safe for use with children. It should also be noted that women who are pregnant should not use German Chamomile essential oil because it can be considered a mild uterine stimulant that could cause premature labor or increased menstruation.

As you can see, German Chamomile essential oil would be the perfect oil to have available in your essential oils arsenal for wounds, injuries and to help with joint pain such as with arthritis. The pain relieving properties can help you alleviate the pain associated with all these conditions as well. The antiseptic properties are useful to help you avoid infections in wounds. It is useful for skin care due to both it’s antiseptic and astringent properties. It is a natural antihistamine and is useful to treat allergic reactions such as hay fever.

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