Naturally Clean A Cutting Board

This video shows you how to easily clean a cutting board.

Using all natural ingredients and lemon essential oil you can clean and disinfect your cutting board in a matter of a few minutes.

Why is it important to clean your cutting board?

Because the food you cut up on the cutting board can carry germs that then can get embedded in your cutting board and be transferred to other food.

For example, say you cut up some chicken on the board. If you simply were to wipe it down with a damp cloth and then use it to cut up some fruit you could transfer germs from the chicken to the fruit.

But if you use this method and clean your cutting board between uses you will eliminate the chance of you and your family being struck by a foodborne illness from this source. This can prevent a nasty intestinal infection that can have grave consequences. Better to be safe than sorry.

Baking soda is used here as a scrubbing agent to clean out any food particles that may get stuck in the surface of the cutting board. It is usually found in most homes and is totally natural. It is safe for use on both plastic and wood cutting boards.

Hydrogen peroxide is available in most homes too. It is used to disinfect wounds, and it is safe for use with your cutting board. Unlike vinegar, hydrogen peroxide won’t react with the baking soda to diminish its effectiveness.

I also use lemon essential oil both for its properties as an antimicrobial and for the clean and fresh scent. You can visit this link to purchase lemon essential oil.

Try this quick and easy method to keep your cutting boards clean and keep your family safe from foodborne illness.