DIY Degreaser With Essential Oil

*UPDATE- After using this for a while I found that using a squeeze bottle is much preferable to using a spray bottle. After a while the spray bottle will become clogged due to the baking soda drying in the nozzle. This is why we do these experiments! It does do exceptionally well using a flip-top squeeze bottle I recycled. However, you can also buy new squeeze bottles here.

I made this video for a DIY degreaser for another blog but since the recipe uses essential oils I felt it might be of interest to readers of this blog as well. This DIY degreaser uses all natural ingredients and it has a mild scouring action from the baking soda as well as having grease cutting action using a mild detergent.


  1. 2 Tbsp Baking Soda
  2. 2 Tbsp Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (or Dr. Bronner’s Sals Suds)
  3. 1 Cup Distilled Water
  4. 25 drops Lemon Essential Oil (Buy it here)


Place all the ingredients into a squeeze bottle and shake to mix well. Dispense on greasy messes to easily wipe it up with a microfiber cloth. (I recommend purchasing microfiber cloths to get away from using paper towels that just get thrown away. Microfiber cloths will save you tons of money and help the environment.) Wash microfiber cloths in cold water and use the “Air” setting on your dryer to dry them.

The essential oil in this recipe is more for the fragrance than for cleaning the grease. But it will give your kitchen a clean fresh natural citrus scent. This scent is very uplifting and it smells completely different (and in my opinion much better) than artificial lemon scents in the chemical cleaners you use now. You can also use any other essential oil that you find pleasing.

The other benefit for the environment is that all the ingredients are totally biodegradable so they are safe for the environment.

They are safe to use around children and pets too. This is a concern with chemical degreasers you may be currently using. The chemicals in those products may be harmful if a small child were to ingest them.

If you want an easy to make and effective degreaser for your kitchen you should try out this easy DIY degreaser recipe. The baking soda adds a mild scouring action while the Dawn dishwashing liquid adds the grease cutting power.