DIY All Natural Deodorant

This video shows you how to make an all natural deodorant at home. This natural deodorant only uses 4 ingredients that you may already have at home. This deodorant will keep you smelling great while avoiding all the harsh chemicals in most deodorants. Try this deodorant and you’ll never go back to buying deodorant at the store. Saves money and helps the environment.

How Deodorants Work

The sweat produced by our bodies come from 2 types of sweat glands. The first produce the salty sweat that our bodies use to cool us off by evaporation when the body gets overheated.

The second type is found more in areas with a denser concentration of hair. They produce a milky substance that is deposited in the hair follicles due to stress. This is the substance that bacteria go to work on and it is this bacterial action that causes odor.

To prevent odor deodorants work to kill off these odor-causing bacteria.

The Dangers Of Commercial Deodorants

Commercial deodorants use compounds which can actually be hazardous to your health through long-term use. Here is a list of things that are commonly found in commercial deodorants that may be harmful.


Parabens are found in many skin care products. They are used as preservatives. These compounds have been found to penetrate the skin and affect the production and actions of estrogen in the body and also act as weak estrogens themselves.


These substances help the fragrances in skin care products, including deodorants, to stick to your skin and last longer. Some studies show they may affect androgen in the body. This is another ingredient that appears to affect hormone levels and function.


This substance is used as the antibacterial agent in many products, including deodorants. This substance is so widely used in products that the CDC found that up to 75% of Americans have detectable levels in the urine. A study published in The Journal of Immunology found in animal studies that Triclosan can disrupt the bacterial colonies in the gut and may lead to allergic responses. (http://www.jimmunol.org/content/196/1_Supplement/191.21.short)

Chemical Fragrances

There is no way to know what chemicals reside in the fragrances used in commercial deodorants because they are protected trade secrets. You can be sure they are different than the natural fragrances you can add to your own deodorants using essential oils.

DIY All Natural Deodorant Recipe

  1. 1/4 Cup Baking Soda
  2. 1/4 Cup Arrowroot Flour (Cornstarch can be substituted instead)
  3. 6 TBSP Coconut Oil (Fractionated or Unrefined)
  4. 20 drops Tea Tree essential oil. (Natural antibacterial oil)
  5. 10 drops of your favorite essential oil


Mix dry ingredients together in a glass bowl. Mix coconut oil and essential oils in a separate glass bowl. (If using unrefined coconut oil melt it into a liquid first in a double boiler). Let it cool before adding in the essential oil to prevent the heat from evaporating the essential oil. I prefer to use unrefined coconut oil because it is a solid below 76° F. This makes the deodorant thicker and easier to apply. You could also use fractionated coconut oil and adjust the amount so that you could use a roll-on applicator if you prefer that. You can get creative with these recipes.

Once mixed into a paste store in a glass jar away from light and heat.

This easy DIY all natural deodorant will prevent odor and will not expose you to the harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals found in commercial deodorants.