Blend- Aromatherapy Terms

When you see the term “blend” used in aromatherapy, what does the term mean? In actuality, the term can have several meanings. Let’s look at them to give you a better understanding of what we mean when we say it.

An Aromatherapy Blend

The term can be used to describe a recipe containing several essential oils that we call an aromatherapy blend. An example would be a mixture of essential oils that are intended to help with a certain emotional or physical issue. The intent is to mix the essential oils in synergy with one another.

You can create a blend intended for relaxation by combining Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Bergamot. The art comes in finding the exact mixture that not only enhances relaxation but is aromatically pleasing as well.

By mixing the essential oils in the correct concentrations, a relaxing blend not only smells wonderful, but it also creates the desired effect on the mind and body. An aromatherapy blend can be used in a diffuser for inhalation, or in a massage blend and mixed with a carrier oil.

A Massage Blend

A massage blend is a mixture of essential oils which are intended to create a desired effect by the topical application of the oils to the skin.

It is created with oils that are intended to combine synergistically to achieve the desired outcome. The massage blend should also be aromatically pleasing to create a total experience from inhalation of the aromas as well as absorption of the oils through the skin.

An Aromatic Blend

Essential oils can also be blended in what is known as an aromatic blend. This type of blend is intended to simply blend together oils into a harmonious fragrance for the enjoyment of the aroma.

When aromatic blends are created, a therapeutic benefit can also occur. However, if you are blending oils simply to enjoy the aroma that would be an example of an aromatic blend.

So now that you know what blends are get yourself some essential oils and try making your own. Be sure and write down the recipe so you can remember them if they turn out to work exceptionally well.

Share your favorite blends in the comments section. I look forward to seeing some of them.