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Our collection of drone videos is shot with various drones we use. We do some drone videos to post, and some we have shot for clients who have hired us. To see details and information on our drone photography/video services, check out this page.

We went camping and waterfall hiking in the Richland Creek Wilderness of the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas for 5 days. I put together this video of our adventure.
This area has been underwater since early spring. We decided to go have a look around. Beautiful views of West Sugarloaf Creek and Bull Shoals Lake.
A relaxing drone flight over Bull Shoals Lake in the late afternoon.
A short video cruising on Bull Shoals Lake near Tucker Hollow.
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Aerial video and ground shots of the celebrations around Diamond City, AR. on July 3-4, 2021.
This is a short video of the West Sugarloaf area of Bull Shoals Lake. Shot from 300′ with the DJI Mavic Pro.
The rice harvest in Stuttgart, AR. Drone video captured on the Scroggins Farm in Stuttgart. Special thanks to the Scroggins Farm for their help in the making of this video.
A short video of aerial views of the Ozarks around Diamond City, AR.
A short video with scenes from a gusty morning storm that blew through northern Arkansas on 8-29-20.
The redbud trees are blooming in the Ozarks. I shot some video from both ground level and aerial shots.
Demo reel for our drone photo/video services.
Screen capture of a 3D orthomosaic map captured with the Mavic AIR drone and drone deploy app. Open Drone Map (ODM) was used to create the 3D map.
We went to Devil’s Backbone Park in Diamond City, Arkansas on a beautiful late fall day in December.
he East Fork of Bull Shoals Lake on a warm December afternoon.
Flying my “teaching” drone to show what it’s like to fly a drone. I offer introductory lessons which includes FAA regulations, safety, and a hands-on flight with an FAA certified commercial drone pilot. Contact me!
An aerial video I shot for a real estate client near Lead Hill, AR.
This will be our last fall colors update for 2019. After the cold snap and high winds from a few days ago, most of the leaves are gone from the trees now.
The fall colors are on full display in the Ozarks in this video from the west fork of Bull Shoals Lake. I was lucky enough to get out early and catch the fog on the lake on this morning too.
A property video for a real estate client. To have me shoot a video for your realty needs please Contact Us.
A video update of the fall colors in the Ozarks on 10/31/19.
Bear Creek and a historic train trestle in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
This video shows an amazing overlook of Bear Creek along the road that most people don’t know about.
This is the low water crossing on Barren Fork just above where it joins Bear Creek. You can read about the area and see a map at https://lostintheozarks.com/barren-fork-crossing
An update on the fall colors from 10/25/19.
A property video I just finished for a client. Contact us for pricing and details.
We are updating the latest on the fall foliage colors in the Ozarks. We’ll be posting a weekly update so you can plan your trip to see the leaves changing in the beautiful Ozarks.
Now that the Bull Shoals Lake level has gone down we were able to visit West Sugarloaf Creek and do a little exploring. This area was underwater all summer. Now that the lake has gone down the creek is clearly visible again.
A short video hyperlapse showing the area around Big Rock on Bull Shoals lake.
Bull Shoals Lake has been way above normal all summer. The water has finally receded enough for us to walk to Big Rock. We started at Carrollton Creek and walked to Big Rock. I documented our adventure with my DJI Mavic Air drone.
This is a demo I put together for my aerial video service for local realtors. Contact me for pricing and availability.
I was able to go out yesterday afternoon (Sept. 2019) and get some aerial video on the West Fork of Bull Shoals Lake in the late afternoon sun.
I documented the changes in the water levels as they were able to slowly begin lowering the lake levels from the highs during the summer of 2019. Record flooding on the Arkansas and White rivers meant the lakes on the White River watershed had to hold large amounts of water over the summer.
Persimmon Point on Bull Shoals Lake has been underwater all summer due to heavy rains in the spring. The water has gone down enough we were able to drive out and capture what it looks like now that the water level has started to go down.
Initial flight of my new Mavic AIR drone from DJI. FAA certified drone pilot. Now offering aerial photo and video services in the Ozarks.
Testing the Potensic D80 drone. This was my first drone purchase. It became quickly apparent that a drone with a 3-axis gimbal would be required for pro work.
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