Photography Tips

This category contains tips and tricks I have learned in my years as a photographer. These tips and tricks will hopefully make you a better photographer.

blue heron

Bird Photography

My love of the outdoors comes from my adolescent years growing up on a farm in rural Arkansas. When you combine that with my love of photography you get a lot of time spent outdoors with a camera. I really enjoy watching and photographing wildlife when I am enjoying the outdoors. I carry my camera …

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Photography Tips

If you are just starting out in photography or you just want to learn something new, check out these great photography tips for beginners. You’ll find tips for getting better photos whether you use a DSLR or your camera phone. The basic concepts are the same no matter what tool you use to capture images. …

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macro photography

Macro Photography

What is Macro Photography? According to Wikipedia, macro photography is taking photographs of small objects at larger than life-size. I tend to think of macro photography as shooting small objects in sharp focus at a size that fills the frame with the subject. I suppose both are accurate. How I Became Interested in Macro Photography …

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lightning photography

Lightning Photography

Lightning photography has always fascinated me. When I started with my first DSLR camera, one of the first things I wanted to do was capture lightning. I did a lot of research on the subject and tested various techniques. The following are the two techniques I settled on to capture lightning images.*NOTE- Lightning is extremely …

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