Month: January 2022

Big Bluff Goat Trail

Big bluff goat trail

The Big Bluff Goat Trail is a spur trail off the Centerpoint Trail in the Ponca Wilderness of the Buffalo National River. You start your hike at the Centerpoint trailhead next to Highway 43 at Compton, AR. This trail gets crowded during warmer weather. If you get there and the lot is full, you can…Read more

7 Top Tips For Hiking

survival skills

These 7 top tips for hiking can help make your trip into the wilderness both enjoyable and safe. Heading into the wild on a hiking trip can be exhilarating. Getting out and experiencing nature and all the sights and sounds that go with it can be food for your soul. Setting out on a hike…Read more

Lower Horsetail Falls

Lower Horsetail Falls

Lower Horsetail Falls is found off Falling Waters Road in the Ozark National Forest. You can reach the falls by following what is known as the Horse Trail. You can use the map below to find the trailhead and parking. To reach the Horse Trail take Highway 16 off Highway 7 from Sand Gap East…Read more

Hemmed In Hollow Falls

Closeup From Underneath Hemmed In Hollow Falls

Hemmed In Hollow Falls is the tallest waterfall between the Rockies and the Appalachian mountains at around 209′ tall. The trail down to the falls is steep and rugged, with an elevation change of about 1200′. I will say that it isn’t as bad as I had expected, given all the accounts I had read…Read more

Indian Creek Trail

Indian Creek Trail

I was invited on a group hike to check out the Indian Creek Trail to Eye of the Needle on the Buffalo River on Friday, December 10, 2021. We met at Kyle’s Landing on the Buffalo and gathered our gear for the hike after introductions all around. It was a warm day in December for…Read more

Six Finger Falls

six finger falls

Six Finger Falls is another of the many waterfalls that can be visited in the Ozark National Forest. This part of the National Forest, near Witt Springs, AR has thousands of acres of wilderness. It is also the perfect terrain for waterfalls. Six Finger Falls is one of 36 waterfalls listed on the brochure I…Read more